Everything's Better when You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Everything's Better when You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of color to brighten up the day. While most of the time we have to be the ones who must splatter color all over negativity and sorrow, in certain moments we can have the luxury of relying on a significant other to pick just the right colors for the canvas of our lives. Not everyone will know the correct color scheme and some shades may disrupt the balance. However, the right person will sense the perfect color, amount, vibrancy, and saturation in order to complete the masterpiece. It all comes down to the choice of the artist - and not everyone is worthy of that brush.

There are people who see the world as either black or white, and for them, there are no colors in between. On the other hand, some believe in mixtures and blends of different colors which shape the world as we know it, instead of settling for simplicity. Either way, everyone is the creator of their own perception and when it comes to palettes of colors, there are no limitations. In life, just like in modern art, possibilities are endless and conventions are broken without an explanation, in order for art to be created. In fact, many ground principles of modern art can also result to be quite useful in life. Forget about categories, patterns, and traditional ways of thinking - let the colors unleash your artistic spirit and paint your life just the way you want it.

The Ocean ketubah embraces an unconventional mixture of unsettling, vivid colors representing the wildness of an ocean. Impactful strikes, bold movements and even bolder, bright colors have taken this particular design on a whole new level. Colorful ketubah designs such as this one represent a perfect choice for couples who not only appreciate the rebellious nature of modern art but have also implemented it in their lifestyle. Color ketubah would complement strong, bold characters; people who appreciate and nourish their individuality, while also cherishing their unity and every moment shared together. Unique designs emphasizing color are a perfect solution for couples who are not afraid to speak up and share their true selves with the world.

The expression "show your true colors" may have a negative connotation in some situations, but generally in life, it is a courageous, admirable act. Wear your colors proudly, no matter how blinding they may be for the rest of the world.


Tropical Ketubah: A Romantic Getaway

Tropical Ketubah: A Romantic Getaway

Some of the most popular vacation stations are precisely tropical destinations, without a doubt. Tropical getaways have always been on top of the bucket list when it comes to honeymoons and destination weddings. If you've been lucky enough to visit a tropical paradise, or you're fascinated by one and it is in your mutual plans to visit it, you're bound to find a jaw-dropping tropical ketubah design which will represent you as a couple.

Tropical destinations are an instant association of happiness, freedom, and a carefree lifestyle. Even for a limited time, when on a tropical location, we're able to let go of all the commitments and work waiting at home, and we can truly enjoy what many would refer to as heaven on Earth. Tropical destinations offer a safe haven for all those who have yearned for peace, tranquility, and serenity after long work days, hectic schedules and tons of responsibilities. What can be more soothing and rewarding than the sound of ocean waves, tropical breeze caressing your face, and the smell of fresh fruit baskets being served every morning?

The only thing that could make a tropical getaway even more fantastic and unforgettable is adding the attribute romantic in front of it. Sharing such special occasions and unforgettable moments with a loved one you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with can make everything that much better and take it to another level. Tropical vacations have the power to rekindle the flame and enrich a relationship in unimaginable ways. No wonder so many couples choose tropical locations for their first big trip, honeymoon, or even destination wedding, accompanied by their friends and family! We could say that tropical destinations carry a specific vibe, nowhere else to be experienced. Every time you see your tropical ketubah, you'll be able to relive or envision every breathtaking sunset, every walk on the beach, every magical moment spent in your own paradise.

Withing the Anemones ketubah portrays one of the most captivating tropical beauties: the underwater world and the beautiful creatures inhibiting it. This particular tropical ketubah design is perfect for couples who are ocean lovers, or passionate scuba divers, and they want to eternalize that affection with a modern art ketubah. And for those who have experienced it, The Tropical Proposal ketubah should be a no-brainer when it comes to the choice of their ketubah design!



Mixture Ketubah: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Mixture Ketubah: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

There are many things in life that we need not question and know for certain, whether it be our profession, a hobby we're passionate about or a soulmate until the end of time. Certain aspects of life demand a clear, straightforward call, no matter the mixture of emotions we're dealing with at the given moment. However, sometimes we're allowed to create our own special mixture when too much is at stake, and the decision isn't that easy. In other words, every once in a while, we can treat ourselves with a dose of indecisiveness, and join many things we like in a custom-made mixture.

Although being indecisive is often considered a flaw, it doesn't necessarily have to be the case. A dose of harmless selfishness can be tolerated in certain events and choosing a mixture instead of a single option is not a crime. After all, there are occasions in life which allow us to be pampered and spoiled, especially when it comes to festivities and customs surrounding the wedding ceremony. We can't blame you for wanting a ketubah design including a mixture of elements; it must be hard trying to pinpoint just one theme, one style, or one inspiration in our rich gallery!

We could say that couples choose their ketubah design in accordance with their character, and if that's the case, mixture ketubah would be a fantastic choice for the go-getters! Mixture ketubah designs are perfect for couples who want it all and don't hesitate to get it. It can represent your determination and fighting spirit to refuse to settle in life when there's a mixture of experiences and opportunities waiting for you to come and seize them. Mixture ketubah could also symbolize the complexity of a couple's relationship and their affection for each other, which cannot be simplified or put into words.

The Dream Reflection mixture ketubah portrays a blend of strong emotions represented with vibrant, bold colors, and rule-breaking textures and structures. This mixture ketubah design is a jaw-dropping piece of abstract modern art, bound to be complimented.

Modern art itself represents a mixture of various stylistic approaches and artistic elements. Therefore, mixture ketubah designs can be considered some of the best modern art pieces, perfect for couples who have the tendency of thinking outside the box, and prefer to experiment rather than go with the conventional choice. Mixture ketubah is an embodiment of an energy which has no limits and knows no barriers.


Dancing Love Series: Ketubah for Passionate Dance Lovers

Dancing Love Series: Ketubah for Passionate Dance Lovers

The significance of art of dancing is difficult to put into words. Dancing has had such an impactful role ever since the ancient times, although its meaning changed with each new era. Centuries ago, dancing was used to express strength, dominance, and terror. Certain tribes used dancing as a form of threat in order to preserve their territory, goods, and men. Dancing is still an inevitable part of certain rituals and ceremonies, and it marks various important events. While dancing is still used to express deepest emotions, nowadays it has a slightly different reputation.

Today, dancing isn't only a form of expressing feelings, and its significance in the modern age stretches far beyond the artistic role. Dance connects people and cultures, gathering a nation of its own. Dancing has, in fact, become a language that everybody understands and enjoys. Even those who prefer being only silent observers appreciate and admire the artistry of dancing, and it enriches their lives in unimaginable ways. Hardly anyone can stay immune to the way the tunes and melodies play with human bodies, shaping the dance moves and creating a fusion of arts.

For those who cannot imagine a day without dancing, its importance cannot be defined or measured in any way. For some, dancing love ketubah collection may awaken cherished memories, such as dancing the night away with special people. Perhaps you will remember nervously trying to pick up those waltz dance steps before the prom, hoping to wow your date. Many will recall dancing their way into the most important chapter of their life every time they take a glance at their beloved dance inspired ketubah. The first dance of a married couple often represents the highlight of the ceremony everyone wants to capture. By choosing one of our dancing love ketubah designs you can eternalize this special wedding moment!

The Dancing Love ketubah brings together the boldness and uniqueness of modern art on one hand, and the romance and sensuality on the other.  The vibrant, daring color scheme used throughout this ketubah design along with the mosaic pattern creates an abstract, subtle representation of a dancing couple. This dancing love ketubah piece marries the traditional and the modern elements, resulting in a captivating, one-of-a-kind ketubah design.





Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Standing by the ocean, everything else feels and seems small and unimportant. The problems, concerns, heartache - everything tends to look irrelevant standing by a neverending mysterious splatter of blue that ocean is. Whenever life gets overwhelming, and worries become overbearing, the water has the power to draw all the negative vibrations out and make them go away with the ocean breeze. The ocean is powerful, intimidating, and unattainable on one hand, while also being peaceful, comforting, and intoxicatingly beautiful.

The ocean has fascinated people since the beginning of time, not only due to its beauty and grandness but also because of its secret underwater world. The depths of the ocean keep secrets up to this day, many of which are inaccessible even for the most persistent researchers. The mystery of the ocean bottom has inspired one too many quests, but there are still parts, stories, and even inhabitants of the ocean that remain secret. Centuries have passed, but the ocean has successfully fought off every consistent, violent attempt of making it tamed. It still stands for liberty, wilderness, and ultimate power.

Whatever the reason may be, many couples consider the ocean the symbol of their love. Perhaps it was the first cruise, that special summer vacation on the beach, or a romantic date with an ocean view. Needless to say, the symbolism of the ocean stretches far beyond what meets the eye. The theme of power, beauty, and magnificence can also be attributed to the love you want to represent with an ocean ketubah. Also, the contrast between the strength and sensibility found in the symbolism of the ocean can also stand for the unity of a couple: the person who represents stability and strength on one hand, and the more gentle, sensitive counterpart on the other - which indeed makes a perfect combination.

The Underwater ketubah portrays the mystical, secret world hidden by the mesmerizing ocean surface. It represents the importance of looking and searching beyond the surface to find something that could be even more meaningful, instead of focusing solely on what's presented right before our eyes. This ketubah design captures the vibrant color scheme of the ocean depth, emphasizing the patterns, the contrast of the light and the shadows, as well as the reflection of whales in a pair.



The Long-Awaited Role: The Bride Ketubah

The Long-Awaited Role: The Bride Ketubah

Every bride, for as long as she can remember, has dreamed of meeting Mr.Right. Ever since she was a little girl with big dreams, she had envisioned her special day - the most important day of her life, the one that would change everything forever. It almost feels like everything she's ever done, all the people she's met, and all the things she's experienced have led her to this very moment: becoming a bride. Being a bride is a role, a privilege, an honor, and a dream come true, and not only for all the hopeless romantics out there but also for those who have successfully concealed their soft side.

The bride. Her childhood memories are filled with images of Barbie dolls dressed as brides, walking them down the imaginary aisle while humming the well-known wedding tunes. She spent her teenage days flipping through the bridal magazines and saving cutouts of the most wonderful wedding gowns, receptions, and venues. She dreamed of becoming a princess-like bride, having her fairytale wedding, and sharing each of these special moments with the man of her dreams.

The day has finally arrived, and she is ready for the glorious title she's been hearing about all her life: the bride. She embraces it with pride and joy, and all eyes are set on her. The bride is the star of the show, and it is her beauty and elegance that make the ceremony so extravagant. Little girls look up to her, imagining themselves in her role, while the groom is impatiently waiting to take his bride by the hand. He approaches the bride and performs traditional bedeken by placing a veil on her face, which is a symbol of inner beauty. The significance of bedeken is the way it emphasizes the internal rather than the external beauty of the bride, no matter how exquisite she looks.

The Papercut Lovers ketubah embraces the modern art, emphasizes the shapes, forms, lines, dimensions, and textures, and represents an entirely new take on ketubah design. This particular work of art represents the bride and the groom in a unity, portraying the elegance, love, and sensuality the wedding day brings. What makes this particular design so special is the delicate, eye-catching detailing on the bride's dress.


Live Your Own Fantasy: Fantasy Ketubah

Live Your Own Fantasy: Fantasy Ketubah

When faced with a harsh reality which often cannot be sugar-coated or avoided, many tend to find their escape in the world of fantasy. Fantasy isn't only entitled to children, who don't even have to face reality yet. In fact, the right to flee to a fantasy world is granted to everyone, regardless of their age, occupation, and gender. Fantasy filled with dreams and plans is often what keeps us going when the road gets bumpy and the situation seems hopeless. Dreaming and indulging in fantasy can fill one up with inspiration and motivation they need, and it also keeps the spirit of a child alive in every one of us, which is one of the most important tasks put in front of every adult.

It's no surprise that fantasy movies, stories, and books get so much recognition, and impress such a big audience. In the fantasy genre, there are no rules, no boundaries, and limits. Fantasy allows the artists, as well as those enjoying their work, to disregard the comfort zone, think outside the box, and truly unleash their craziest imagination. Whenever you get fed up with the usual, the conventional, and ordinary, you can flee to the fantasy world where the limitations of the real world simply don't apply.

And what about all those wonderful fantasy creatures? Who says that we can't still believe in unicorns, fairies, enchanted castles, and all the magic that fantasies offer? The ability to believe in fantasies and find comfort in them isn't lost as we grow up; it is just neglected and marginalized. Those who succeed in retaining the ability to trust a fantasy will always have a secret place to hide from all the troubles and create their own reality.

Whatever the objective of your fantasy may be, the best thing about it is that it is only yours, and you don't have to explain it to others. When it comes to fantasy, it is free of other people's judgment. However, when you decide to share your fantasy with someone who understands and appreciates it, that's when the real magic is unleashed. Giving someone the keys to your own fantasy world may be one of the most intimate, important moments in a relationship between two people.

The Enchanted Forest ketubah is a modern take on the scenery of the forest, which could only be experienced in a fantasy. It embodies and entails everything that a fantasy is: boldness, chaos, and an unconventional direction.


Where Dreams Are Born: Night-Themed Ketubah

Where Dreams Are Born: Night-Themed Ketubah

There's just something special about the night. We can feel our emotions boiling up and resurfacing at night, without being able to restrain them. During the day, it is easy to keep on the poker face, but the night brings out the vulnerability, sensibility, and our strongest desires. For some, the night is their strongest ally; for others - a dreaded time. Nevertheless, the veil of mystery surrounding the night cannot be ignored, just like the impact of emotions it triggers.

In the daytime, everyone seems to be too busy to cope with their feelings, to dream, and make big plans; all of these tasks are left for the night. With the night, the quiet and peace come, and there are no more distractions left. At night, the mind becomes a blank canvas filled with hopes and dreams. There is no need for explanations and there are no limits during the night when the greatest ideas are born, and the biggest decisions are made.

Everyone has that one special night they wouldn't be able to erase from their memory even if they wanted to. Was it the night when you and your friends laughed and danced 'till the dawn? Or, could it be the night which marked your life forever because you met the person you now want to share a lifetime with? There are nights which can never be repeated and duplicated, but the memory of them simply won't fade. When you take a trip down the memory lane, you can feel the smell of that night, the perfume you were wearing, and you can vividly remember the brightness of the stars and the warm feeling in your chest.

Into the Night ketubah embodies the modern art and its outstanding visualization. Playful colors, faded shapes, and the blurred night sky represent uniqueness and boldness of a couple that wants to stand out and isn't afraid to get out of the comfort zone. Nothing about this ketubah design is typical; its representation of the night is abstract and imaginative, making it the perfect choice for couples who don't necessarily gravitate towards the conventional. Another magnificent example of night-themed ketubah designs, The Skylineportrays a busy city which gives in to the peacefulness and serenity of a night sky.

The night holds the biggest secrets and it has often been the only shelter for two people in love. Everything about the night screams romance, and it is the time reserved for love.





Always Find the Time to Stop and Smell the Roses: Roses Ketubah

Always Find the Time to Stop and Smell the Roses: Roses Ketubah

The ultimate symbol of love and romance: roses. Some would say that roses are overrated and that other flowers are far more beautiful, sensual, or have a more intoxicating smell. Those that have replaced the old-fashioned ways of demonstrating affection with more clever and sensational gestures think of roses as a cliche. But, those who truly understand how special and meaningful roses are will always be happy to buy a dozen - or be at the receiving end.

We have read about roses in love tales, heard about them in songs, and seen them in some of the most astonishing art pieces. Roses have inspired not only gardeners and flower lovers, but poets, actors, and especially those in love. The beauty of roses and their significance is so great that they grace more than just gardens. Roses are still the first choice for various occasions, including birthdays, engagements, and especially weddings. Rose petals in weddings make the emotional, romantic ambient fairytale-like.

When it comes to roses, the focus is mostly on their tenderness, scent, and allure. However, sometimes it is the thorns of a rose that can be intriguing and even inspiring. It is almost as if something as exquisite as a rose had to create a shield in order to defend itself from the predators. The thorns of a rose can also teach us an important lesson: the good and the bad sides, as well as times, should be embraced and cherished, and together they create a perfect blend.

The Deco Flowers ketubah stands for the glory of hardships which were bravely faced and overcome by portraying thornless roses. These roses have lost their thorns, signifying a fresh start full of joy and fulfillment. This rose inspired ketubah bears nothing but good luck for the newlyweds.

Roses on your ketubah can represent various chapters of your love story. The first date, first dinner, as well as all the romantic, precious moments that have marked your relationship can be symbolized by roses which have stood for romance and love for thousands of years. The symbolism of roses is also a perfect choice for couples who believe in the beauty of the path of their relationship, whether it be covered in rose petals, or thorns - as long as there is compassion, unity, and trust.


The Water Element Ketubah

The Water Element Ketubah

Being near the water has been proven to have a therapeutic effect. Walking by the water, swimming, diving, exploring, or even just sitting and observing brings the serenity that cannot be leveled up. This is why many people have found their oasis near the water, surrounded by nothing but the sound of waves. Whether you’re passionate about water sports, fishing, sailing, or simply enjoying the sights, modern art water ketubah designs can portray your passion in a unique, personal way.

It is the atmosphere and the aesthetic appeal of the water that has an almost hypnotizing effect on people. The dance of the colors on the surface of the water once the sun hits can be compared with magic and the soothing game of the waves under the moonlight has inspired numerous artists to make the water the subject of their art. No wonder many decide to flee the chaotic atmosphere of the city and trade its lights and skyscrapers for the tranquility and blissfulness of a destination by the water.

The majority of the most popular destinations is near the water since it offers so many different opportunities for curious tourists. When on the water, it can almost feel like you’ve escaped all the hardships of everyday life that are waiting back on the land, and even for some time they become absolutely irrelevant. All that matters is the sound of the water, the breeze in your hair, and the crisp air filling up your lungs.

Water also symbolizes the purity of a new beginning. In the water, you can wash off the negativity and all the worries holding you back, and start fresh all over again. The beauty of a new life and togetherness can be symbolized by water, which represents having a clean slate in front of you. Water is also considered the essence of life, and the core of our existence. That being said, the powerful meaning of water can stand for the energy of a marriage, which is a fresh beginning free of any strings of the past.

The most romantic encounters have happened near the water. We’ve seen them in love movies and heard about them in heartfelt stories, where couples would express their love by the water, or even celebrate the big dates in their lives. If you want to cherish your memories by the water forever, you’ll definitely discover something for you in our water inspired ketubah selection.



Finding Your Safe Haven: Peace Ketubah

Finding Your Safe Haven: Peace Ketubah

Is there a more powerful word, or a more important one, than peace? All the treasures, accomplishments and victories can’t make up for peace, which is an inner state, more so than a visible, tangible appearance. Nevertheless, when there is peace, it can be seen, felt, and truly experienced. A person at peace with themselves shines with confidence, love, and enriches other people’s lives along the way.

People tend to wish for many things in life, but those who have truly experienced the good and the bad side can only hope for peace. When there is peace, there is also love, serenity, clarity, and understanding. Peace connects people no matter how different they are, it brings them closer together and stands as the most important triumph. Peace is something everyone can prosper in, and discover utmost happiness.

Perhaps those who haven’t truly understood life yet would choose materialistic goods over those that can only be felt, such as peace. However, sooner than later it becomes clear what true priorities in life are, and peace is definitely one of them. Just like love, understanding, loyalty, and respect, peace can be perceived in many different ways, depending on the person trying to define it. Also, many would agree that, when it comes to peace, it is hard to pinpoint the real cause. On the other hand, for some people, peace can be truly defined, and it even has a name.

Peace can be found in a single person that is your safe haven. Peace can also be embodied by a place dear to your heart, a routine you cannot imagine your life without, your favorite song, or a movie. Regardless of its shape, form, and definition, it is the presence of peace in your life that counts. And if your love story has brought peace and joy into your life, why not grace its covers with a love inspired ketubah design?

The Flying into the Dusk ketubah portrays birds which have been known as the bearers and symbols of peace for centuries. It is also the flight of the birds that stands for the transition of newlyweds into this next stage of life they’ll share, full of peace, hope, and love. Besides the motives of peace in this design, the color scheme also contributes to the overall sense of serenity and blissfulness it brings.


On the Set of Your Own Love Saga: Hollywood Ketubah

On the Set of Your Own Love Saga: Hollywood Ketubah

They say that the lights of Hollywood are simply addictive. They also say that once you step foot into the magic land of stars that Hollywood is, you’ll never be the same. If there was a dime for every single time someone closed their eyes and wished upon a star to make it in Hollywood, L.A. would be the richest city in the world! Hollywood is what many people consider a dreamland, holding the key to so many wonderful opportunities and outstanding careers. We could say that Hollywood is an embodiment of big dreams and high aspirations in life.

But Hollywood doesn’t always enjoy a good reputation. There are also people who couldn’t handle the brightness of its lights and left Hollywood bitter and angry. However, no one could ever take away Hollywood’s grand scene which draws hungry, talented, driven people as a magnet.

There’s a certain inexplicable power behind that Hollywood sign. For some people, it is just a recognizable Hollywood site. For others, it is the symbol of glory, glamour and glitz, flashes, sparkles, and history - everything that Hollywood has to offer for those lucky enough to realize their dreams.

And how could we forget the glorious, one-of-a-kind Hollywood Walk of Fame, that remembers all the great names which paved the way for the up and coming stars? Once they make a name for themselves and start building a career in Hollywood, it is every celebrity’s biggest dream to see their name on the Hollywood Boulevard. A star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame represents a guarantee that one’s accomplishments and name will live forever.

Hollywood, big lights, and glamorous, eventful lifestyle aren’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, you can have a piece of Hollywood in your home, with your loved one, whenever you want. You can enjoy movie classics, relax with famous soundtracks, and dress up as your favorite Hollywood star when no one’s watching. At the end of the day, the dreams and aspirations that Hollywood has embraced and became popular for don’t necessarily have to be career-related. Hollywood can symbolize you being the director and the star of your own romantic movie that you don’t ever have to share with the world.

The Hollywood Lights ketubah incorporates everything that Hollywood is: palm trees, a city that is both busy and calming at the same time, as well as the ever-inspiring Hollywood sign in the background.

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