Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

California... the star-studded, glamorous, extravagant yet peaceful state that many would describe as heaven on Earth. Many dream of California's breathtaking beaches, famous venues, and movie sets. On the other hand, many residents of California would gladly trade with anyone who does not spend their days stuck in traffic. Whether you love California, yearn for it, or don't necessarily appreciate its hectic ways, one is certain: it is a truly magical place. California is a state of dreams, bigger-than-life personalities and luxury, while still preserving its rawness and genuine beauty. California may not be a place for everyone... but it certainly does offer something for everyone!

There are so many tales of courageous young people who came to California with nothing but dreams in their pockets, trying to make it big in the Golden State. California has been known as the land of opportunity and home to the American Dream for years. For many aspiring actors, singers, and artists, California has been the only possible destination for decades. Hollywood, California's shining star, remains the biggest dream factory in the world, constantly drawing new talent and producing and shaping the biggest stars the world has ever known. However, those who have truly experienced California know that there's more below the superficial mask of glitz and glamour... as enchantingly beautiful as it is.

California has what many would refer to as the perfect weather, and sunny days are a given in most parts. A vast majority of residents of California are pretty much able to enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful beaches all year round, with an exception of areas such as San Francisco, which offers a refreshing change - literally. California is indeed a perfect location for everyone who enjoys nature, impressive theme parks, best fast food in the world, famous movie locations, and celebrities. If you're lucky enough to call sunny California your home - you know what we're talking about.

California inspired ketubah collection has been designed specifically for couples who live in the Golden State or have memories which tie them to this beautiful place forever. The San Francisco Skyline ketubah will be particularly appealing to San Francisco residents or those who admire the monumental Golden Gate bridge. This ketubah piece is a perfect representative of modern art, combining sharp images and bold lights of the city skyline, while still emphasizing the romantic side of California's true star - San Francisco.



Out-Of-This-World Love: Space Ketubah

Out-Of-This-World Love: Space Ketubah

How many times in your life has a person, an event, or an emotion left you speechless and unable to explain it since you were under the impression that it was out-of-this-world? Many things in life are overwhelming, intense, and magical - just like space. People have always been amazed and impressed with the idea of space: limitless, unexplored, and unattainable. No matter how much the civilization evolves and technology expand, only the smallest portion of space is known to the mankind. Before this gigantic mysterious idea that space is, everyone and everything seems so trivial.

Even today, when we have so much information available, and we see people flying into space with no trouble, it still remains one of the biggest mysteries. We have witnessed the mankind perform a lot of unimaginable experiments, and while seeing a man walk on the Moon is no longer a shocker, it is just a particle of the vastness that space is that a limited number of people is able to experience. This enormous world that space is hasn't opened its doors for the human race just yet; all we're able to do is take a peek through its window. And as we continue to knock on the door and hope for clarity, it seems that space becomes an even bigger secret with every new attempt of exposing it.

In a world where everything seems predictable, uneventful and unoriginal, hardly anything can impress us anymore. However, space remains the ultimate mystery that will always trigger our imagination and cause a feeling of restlessness deep inside. We go about life accepting only what is visible, tangible and known, but we cannot shake off the feeling that there is something more up there: an even bigger galaxy, a whole other life, a whole new world?

Space ketubah collection cherishes and emphasizes the beauty of space, the Moon, the Sun, and the neighboring planets. The Under the Moonlight ketubah design portrays the sizzling lights and daring colors of the moonlight, while also incorporating space elements such as galactic lights and an ethereal presence. This particular ketubah design is a perfect choice for space fanatics who have trouble putting their love into words. The concept of eternal love could, in fact, be defined through the concept of space: it is fascinating, inexplicable, detached from the rest of the world, ever-present, and, above all, endless.


After Rain There's a Rainbow: Rainbow Ketubah

After Rain There's a Rainbow: Rainbow Ketubah

They say that, in order to experience the rainbow, you must go through a rainy day first and learn to appreciate it. In fact, a rainbow comes as a reward for those who have stood tall through the rain and believed that the light will overpower the dullness of a grey sky. However, those fortunate enough are able to experience the magic of a rainbow whenever their lives enter a lackluster phase by allowing a special person to bring a range of colors and break them out of the darkness.

Rainbows have always caused nothing but admiration, and people have anticipated them with every last drop of the rain. Rainbows symbolize relief and a fresh start even after the heaviest of rains and the darkest of days. A rainbow can light up anyone's day and bring them back to childhood when they believed in mystical creatures, magic, and unicorns. However, the symbolism of rainbows isn't exclusive to fairytales  - even grownups are entitled to its magnificent beauty and irresistible allure.

There is no guarantee of a rainbow after each rainy day, and even when it decides to show up and steal the show in the sky it isn't there to stay. You can capture its vibrant colors on camera, but the picture just won't do it justice, and it makes a rainbow unattainable and therefore particularly interesting. A rainbow, just like many beautiful moments in life, cannot be truly captured and revived as vividly once it is gone. We cannot take a rainbow, or a cherished moment, with us and admire it just the way it is every time we need a reminder of that magical instance. The beauty of a rainbow is in the moment, a few lucky minutes, that only goes to show that raw, true happiness cannot be seized and locked in a vault we can always come back to. That is precisely why we should never take instances of great joy and magic for granted, and a rainbow is a true embodiment of such a magnificent moment in our lives.

The Parade ketubah, inspired by the astonishing work of Marc Rothko, emphasizes an important aspect of a rainbow: unity. Although it is composed of colors which may seem quite different at first, they are actually perfectly merged into a rainbow, setting all the differences aside. A rainbow stands as a symbol of perfect unity between two people who may be different in certain aspects, but still form a strong bond when united.


The Essence of Life: Sun Ketubah

The Essence of Life: Sun Ketubah

Recognized as the essence of life and known as one of nature's most powerful forces, the sun stands as a symbol of life, nature, growth, and change. Without the sun, we wouldn't know the beauty of the mornings, the magnificence of a sunrise, as well as a sunset, the variety of the seasons, and the captivating cotton candy skies. Without the sun, the world would be trapped in complete darkness, as the moon wouldn't exist without it. Can you even imagine days and nights being merged into an endless night, without a single ray of sun, and the magical moonlight?

Sun stands for a birth of a new day, a new beginning, a new phase. With every sunrise new day commences and opens up many doors of endless opportunities. Every time the sun goes up, each and every one of us has the chance to start over, start creating a completely new reality and open up to the world. The morning is wiser than the evening, and it isn't just a phrase: once the sun comes up you are able to think clearer, set the records straight, take a deep breath, and truly seize the day.

The power of the sun has been known for centuries. In ancient times, many nations celebrated the sun in their religions and rituals, and various different philosophies revolve precisely around the significance of the sun. While people don't necessarily bow to the sun anymore, we certainly do acknowledge its importance for our health, well-being, daily functioning, as well as mood, motivation, and drive. Just comparing your mood on a sunny day on one hand, and a rainy, gloomy day on the other, is more than enough to appreciate the sun, although its immense value and countless benefits stretch far beyond the obvious.

Without the sun, the moon would be just a rock we wouldn't be able to recognize in the night sky. The sun and the moon represent a perfect union and an unbreakable bond. In life, every person is bound to find their own sun - a person who allows them to shine and reach their full potential. The sun is selflessly sharing its energy and light with the moon, and they seem to have made an eternal pact. Sun ketubah can represent just that: people finding their sun and finally having someone brave enough to bring some light into their lives when they need it the most.


Loyalty and Unconditional Love: Dog Ketubah

Loyalty and Unconditional Love: Dog Ketubah

A dog is a man's best friend - and it isn't just a phrase. In many instances, we have seen a dog waiting for its owner for years, mourning his death, participating in family's biggest events, and being one of the greatest blessings a family may possibly receive. We have also witnessed dogs' patience and affection around children, as well as their protective attitude when they're around their families. Dogs are loyal, affectionate, incredibly devoted animals that would trade their life for their owner's in a split second, which makes them the most reliable, loving friends you could ever ask for in your life.

A dog symbolizes devotion, unbreakable bond, and trust in many cultures. Today, dogs are considered to be one of, if not the most beloved and favorized out of all pets since people have recognized their loving nature thousands of years ago. Although certain dog breeds were given far more attention than others, over the years the situation has changed and people have discovered the beauty in the character of each and every bread. It is safe to say that the world would be unimaginable without these beautiful creatures that continue to amaze with their kindness, dedication, and positivity and set an example for humans in various events.

Throughout history, the dog has remained a man's best friend and trusty companion. Dogs used to help men discover and locate the prey, hunt down their food, protect their animals and their properties, and keep their families safe. Although the primary role may have changed, the dog remains a family member and a loyal friend in lives of many. Many people believe that a dog is able to act as a sponge when it comes to negative vibrations, turning them into positive energy and filling the room with nothing but pure joy. You can always count for your dog to wait for you when you get home, offer you its undivided attention and love, and put a smile on your face after a long day.

A dog's presence can enrich any relationship, fulfill any home, and be a blessing to any family - especially those that are still in the making. Dog ketubah is a very appealing option for people who are dog lovers and want to eternalize that love in their ketubah, or for couples who already have that special furry friend in their lives.



The Color of Love: Red Ketubah

The Color of Love: Red Ketubah

Red color can have a wide variety of interpretations, depending on one's perception. For some, red is a signal of danger and forbidden zones. Afterall, we all try to avoid red flags as they usually mean bad news. On the other hand, for some people the color of red carries nothing but a purely positive connotation, including passion, wild spirit, and ultimately - love. The intensity of red color stands for untamable emotions, passionate outlook on life, strength, and courage. Not everyone can pull off red since it is eye-catching, revolutionary, bold, and unmistakeably noticed. People who are low-profile and don't enjoy the spotlight will probably avoid red color when it comes to their ketubah design. However, in case your intention is just the opposite, red ketubah design is a safe choice.

When you think of red, many different associations can come to your mind. For instance, red roses, which have symbolized chivalry and romance for centuries may be the primary association. There is also flamenco, a passionate dance which often incorporates red in dancers' wardrobe as the color of desire and love. Red lipstick will forever remain a classic and a standard when it comes to female beauty, and it has often been used to decorate love letters and send a unique romantic message. As we enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, it is the color of red that splatters all over the sky, creating an impression of a skyline on fire. Red does symbolize fire, both literally and figuratively. When it comes to its metaphoric meaning, red color represents a fire within us - that drive, determination, enthusiasm, and willpower that is our fuel through life. The choice of a red ketubah may also represent your rebellious spirit and your willingness to think outside the box and disregard conventions, which is something we strongly encourage!

The Rothko Blooms ketubah is a specific design in our red ketubah gallery which marries a couple of impressive factors: modern art, the artistic impact of Mark Rothko and his work, the impressive beauty of nature, and of course -  the color of red. In this design, several equally impactful shades of red create a magical fusion in contrast to the blooming tree. This particular red ketubah design is a testimony of the intensity and undeniable power of red color, which is perfect for couples who do not usually gravitate towards subtle options.



Flower Ketubah: Love in Bloom

Flower Ketubah: Love in Bloom

Flowers have been an unwearying, constant source of inspiration for all people who were able to experience their beauty not only with their eyes but with their hearts, too. Artists, poets, visionaries, philosophers, and lovers all recognized the association of the most beautiful feelings such as hope, inspiration, strength, and of course love, to flowers. A flower became a synonym for a new beginning and a bloom of a new life that everyone is entitled to, no matter the obstacles they had to overcome in their growing phase.

Observing a flower grow is not only a captivating, heart-warming process. In fact, a flower's growth might as well stand for a person's evolution through life. The flower may struggle at first, but after a long fight, it is bound to show its first bud. The flower's bud will be hesitant to open, as it is still not ready for everything that awaits on the outside, so it remains closed until the perfect moment has arrived, and it finally opens up to the world. Once it starts revealing its beauty, the flower is fragile, still hesitant, and not yet in its prime. As time passes, the flower shyly reveals its petals, one by one, still unaware of its beauty and strength.

Finally, one day the flower blooms and unveils its glory entirely, not letting anything pin it to the ground. There is no holding back, no hesitation and no doubt left. And just like a flower, love can be hesitant and quiet at first, until it reaches its peak. However, in order to grow through weeds, bloom and beat the odds, the flower - just like love requires attention, care, commitment, and maintenance. It is not enough to just plant the seed and expect to see the results when there is no effort invested. Just like a flower, a love between two committed, passionate people will blossom if there is an absolute dedication.

The Rosengarten ketubah is, without a doubt, one of the leading representatives of our astonishing flower ketubah collection, inspired by Alfons Mucha's elegant, sophisticated artistic style. This particular flower ketubah pronounces the passion, magic, and intoxicating beauty of roses, which have symbolized love and romance for centuries. The Rosengarten is one of our primary picks when it comes to the fusion of the boldness of the modern art on one hand, and the sensibility and delicacy of flowers on the other.



Everything's Better When You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Everything's Better When You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of color to brighten up the day. While most of the time we have to be the ones who must splatter color all over negativity and sorrow, in certain moments we can have the luxury of relying on a significant other to pick just the right colors for the canvas of our lives. Not everyone will know the correct color scheme and some shades may disrupt the balance. However, the right person will sense the perfect color, amount, vibrancy, and saturation in order to complete the masterpiece. It all comes down to the choice of the artist - and not everyone is worthy of that brush.

There are people who see the world as either black or white, and for them, there are no colors in between. On the other hand, some believe in mixtures and blends of different colors which shape the world as we know it, instead of settling for simplicity. Either way, everyone is the creator of their own perception and when it comes to palettes of colors, there are no limitations. In life, just like in modern art, possibilities are endless and conventions are broken without an explanation, in order for art to be created. In fact, many ground principles of modern art can also result to be quite useful in life. Forget about categories, patterns, and traditional ways of thinking - let the colors unleash your artistic spirit and paint your life just the way you want it.

The Ocean ketubah embraces an unconventional mixture of unsettling, vivid colors representing the wildness of an ocean. Impactful strikes, bold movements and even bolder, bright colors have taken this particular design on a whole new level. Colorful ketubah designs such as this one represent a perfect choice for couples who not only appreciate the rebellious nature of modern art but have also implemented it in their lifestyle. Color ketubah would complement strong, bold characters; people who appreciate and nourish their individuality, while also cherishing their unity and every moment shared together. Unique designs emphasizing color are a perfect solution for couples who are not afraid to speak up and share their true selves with the world.

The expression "show your true colors" may have a negative connotation in some situations, but generally in life, it is a courageous, admirable act. Wear your colors proudly, no matter how blinding they may be for the rest of the world.


Tropical Ketubah: A Romantic Getaway

Tropical Ketubah: A Romantic Getaway

Some of the most popular vacation stations are precisely tropical destinations, without a doubt. Tropical getaways have always been on top of the bucket list when it comes to honeymoons and destination weddings. If you've been lucky enough to visit a tropical paradise, or you're fascinated by one and it is in your mutual plans to visit it, you're bound to find a jaw-dropping tropical ketubah design which will represent you as a couple.

Tropical destinations are an instant association of happiness, freedom, and a carefree lifestyle. Even for a limited time, when on a tropical location, we're able to let go of all the commitments and work waiting at home, and we can truly enjoy what many would refer to as heaven on Earth. Tropical destinations offer a safe haven for all those who have yearned for peace, tranquility, and serenity after long work days, hectic schedules and tons of responsibilities. What can be more soothing and rewarding than the sound of ocean waves, tropical breeze caressing your face, and the smell of fresh fruit baskets being served every morning?

The only thing that could make a tropical getaway even more fantastic and unforgettable is adding the attribute romantic in front of it. Sharing such special occasions and unforgettable moments with a loved one you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with can make everything that much better and take it to another level. Tropical vacations have the power to rekindle the flame and enrich a relationship in unimaginable ways. No wonder so many couples choose tropical locations for their first big trip, honeymoon, or even destination wedding, accompanied by their friends and family! We could say that tropical destinations carry a specific vibe, nowhere else to be experienced. Every time you see your tropical ketubah, you'll be able to relive or envision every breathtaking sunset, every walk on the beach, every magical moment spent in your own paradise.

Withing the Anemones ketubah portrays one of the most captivating tropical beauties: the underwater world and the beautiful creatures inhibiting it. This particular tropical ketubah design is perfect for couples who are ocean lovers, or passionate scuba divers, and they want to eternalize that affection with a modern art ketubah. And for those who have experienced it, The Tropical Proposal ketubah should be a no-brainer when it comes to the choice of their ketubah design!



Mixture Ketubah: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Mixture Ketubah: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

There are many things in life that we need not question and know for certain, whether it be our profession, a hobby we're passionate about or a soulmate until the end of time. Certain aspects of life demand a clear, straightforward call, no matter the mixture of emotions we're dealing with at the given moment. However, sometimes we're allowed to create our own special mixture when too much is at stake, and the decision isn't that easy. In other words, every once in a while, we can treat ourselves with a dose of indecisiveness, and join many things we like in a custom-made mixture.

Although being indecisive is often considered a flaw, it doesn't necessarily have to be the case. A dose of harmless selfishness can be tolerated in certain events and choosing a mixture instead of a single option is not a crime. After all, there are occasions in life which allow us to be pampered and spoiled, especially when it comes to festivities and customs surrounding the wedding ceremony. We can't blame you for wanting a ketubah design including a mixture of elements; it must be hard trying to pinpoint just one theme, one style, or one inspiration in our rich gallery!

We could say that couples choose their ketubah design in accordance with their character, and if that's the case, mixture ketubah would be a fantastic choice for the go-getters! Mixture ketubah designs are perfect for couples who want it all and don't hesitate to get it. It can represent your determination and fighting spirit to refuse to settle in life when there's a mixture of experiences and opportunities waiting for you to come and seize them. Mixture ketubah could also symbolize the complexity of a couple's relationship and their affection for each other, which cannot be simplified or put into words.

The Dream Reflection mixture ketubah portrays a blend of strong emotions represented with vibrant, bold colors, and rule-breaking textures and structures. This mixture ketubah design is a jaw-dropping piece of abstract modern art, bound to be complimented.

Modern art itself represents a mixture of various stylistic approaches and artistic elements. Therefore, mixture ketubah designs can be considered some of the best modern art pieces, perfect for couples who have the tendency of thinking outside the box, and prefer to experiment rather than go with the conventional choice. Mixture ketubah is an embodiment of an energy which has no limits and knows no barriers.


Dancing Love Series: Ketubah for Passionate Dance Lovers

Dancing Love Series: Ketubah for Passionate Dance Lovers

The significance of art of dancing is difficult to put into words. Dancing has had such an impactful role ever since the ancient times, although its meaning changed with each new era. Centuries ago, dancing was used to express strength, dominance, and terror. Certain tribes used dancing as a form of threat in order to preserve their territory, goods, and men. Dancing is still an inevitable part of certain rituals and ceremonies, and it marks various important events. While dancing is still used to express deepest emotions, nowadays it has a slightly different reputation.

Today, dancing isn't only a form of expressing feelings, and its significance in the modern age stretches far beyond the artistic role. Dance connects people and cultures, gathering a nation of its own. Dancing has, in fact, become a language that everybody understands and enjoys. Even those who prefer being only silent observers appreciate and admire the artistry of dancing, and it enriches their lives in unimaginable ways. Hardly anyone can stay immune to the way the tunes and melodies play with human bodies, shaping the dance moves and creating a fusion of arts.

For those who cannot imagine a day without dancing, its importance cannot be defined or measured in any way. For some, dancing love ketubah collection may awaken cherished memories, such as dancing the night away with special people. Perhaps you will remember nervously trying to pick up those waltz dance steps before the prom, hoping to wow your date. Many will recall dancing their way into the most important chapter of their life every time they take a glance at their beloved dance inspired ketubah. The first dance of a married couple often represents the highlight of the ceremony everyone wants to capture. By choosing one of our dancing love ketubah designs you can eternalize this special wedding moment!

The Dancing Love ketubah brings together the boldness and uniqueness of modern art on one hand, and the romance and sensuality on the other.  The vibrant, daring color scheme used throughout this ketubah design along with the mosaic pattern creates an abstract, subtle representation of a dancing couple. This dancing love ketubah piece marries the traditional and the modern elements, resulting in a captivating, one-of-a-kind ketubah design.





Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Standing by the ocean, everything else feels and seems small and unimportant. The problems, concerns, heartache - everything tends to look irrelevant standing by a neverending mysterious splatter of blue that ocean is. Whenever life gets overwhelming, and worries become overbearing, the water has the power to draw all the negative vibrations out and make them go away with the ocean breeze. The ocean is powerful, intimidating, and unattainable on one hand, while also being peaceful, comforting, and intoxicatingly beautiful.

The ocean has fascinated people since the beginning of time, not only due to its beauty and grandness but also because of its secret underwater world. The depths of the ocean keep secrets up to this day, many of which are inaccessible even for the most persistent researchers. The mystery of the ocean bottom has inspired one too many quests, but there are still parts, stories, and even inhabitants of the ocean that remain secret. Centuries have passed, but the ocean has successfully fought off every consistent, violent attempt of making it tamed. It still stands for liberty, wilderness, and ultimate power.

Whatever the reason may be, many couples consider the ocean the symbol of their love. Perhaps it was the first cruise, that special summer vacation on the beach, or a romantic date with an ocean view. Needless to say, the symbolism of the ocean stretches far beyond what meets the eye. The theme of power, beauty, and magnificence can also be attributed to the love you want to represent with an ocean ketubah. Also, the contrast between the strength and sensibility found in the symbolism of the ocean can also stand for the unity of a couple: the person who represents stability and strength on one hand, and the more gentle, sensitive counterpart on the other - which indeed makes a perfect combination.

The Underwater ketubah portrays the mystical, secret world hidden by the mesmerizing ocean surface. It represents the importance of looking and searching beyond the surface to find something that could be even more meaningful, instead of focusing solely on what's presented right before our eyes. This ketubah design captures the vibrant color scheme of the ocean depth, emphasizing the patterns, the contrast of the light and the shadows, as well as the reflection of whales in a pair.


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