Progressive Text Questions: Reform, Interfaith + Humanist

Having trouble filling out your Ketubah Information Sheet? Not sure if you should include your parent’s middle names in the Ketubah? If your using one of our Progressive Texts — Reform, Interfaith, or Humanist — Here is some help to guide you!

Progressive Text Questions:
Reform, Interfaith + Humanist

Our #1 Advice: Check with your Rabbi or Officiant!

  • Combining New & Old Traditions: There is lots of flexibility with how you choose to include the information! On more traditional texts, such as the Orthodox text, the customs and rules are stricter — but our more progressive texts are totally up to the couple!
  • Do we have to put our middle names? If you’re uncertain if you want to include both your Middle and Last names, it’s up to you! The same is true for your parents. In the Very Old Country, Jews didn’t have Last Names, and Parents names were used as an identifier to a specific person. Use what feels most comfortable and natural to you!
  • Write exactly how you want the names to appear on the Ketubah Information Sheet. This will help us have a super-fast turn-around on your Ketubah!
  • Deceased Parents: For Orthodox Ketubah, there is a particular way to note that a parent has passed. For Progressive Ketubah, what matters the most is that you feel you are honoring your parents’ memory, and keeping your identity! For most couples, include the deceased parent’s name on the Ketubah without changing the text
  • Omitting Parents: If you’d like to omit a parent’s name from the Ketubah, we’re happy to do what makes you feel the most comfortable! Please indicate it on the Ketubah Information Sheet by writting “omit”. Blank spaces confuse us!
  • Our #1 advice is: check with your Rabbi or Officiant! Since they’ll be overseeing the ceremony, we want to make sure they 100% love the Ketubah, and approve it! That’s why we always send you digital Pre-Proof Prints, and we’ll never send to print without the Green Light from you!

So, fill out the form in the way you feel most comfortable, share it with your Rabbi, and we look forward to getting started when you send it back our way :)

Team Ketubah


Ketubah Timeline! How Long Does My Order Take?

Wondering if there is enough time before your wedding? No worries! If your wedding isn’t tomorrow, we can help! We do have some ideas to keep you as stress-free as possible, though!

Ketubah Ordering Times

  • Rush Ketubah orders: Hurry- we can do it! Click to our RUSH info!
  • Un-Personalized Ketubot:We recommend 4-5 weeks, just in case!
  • Personalized or Tweaked Ketubot or Unique Texts: 5-7 weeks is comfortable. Finding family names and getting a hold of your Rabbi or Officiant to check the proofs can be difficult! As soon as we have your approval of the proofs, we’re off to print!
  • Commissioned Ketubot: 4 months. We get your approval at every step, so we build in some time for you to talk it over with your fiance(e)!

Theses times are generous, and estimate the total time absolutely needed before the Big Day. If you’re short on time, we can meet your wedding date. We promise!

We’re proud of our fast turn-around! Most proofs are ready in less than two weeks!

Our average turn-around for all Ketubot is about 3 weeks, but we’d rather keep you stress-free, and leave plenty of time! Questions? team@tinak.org or give us a call! 347-627-0022

Team Ketubah


Using Your Own Ketubah Text!

Want to use your own vows, or a Ketubah text you and your fiance(e) have written just for the two of you? We’d love to help!

Use Your Own English-Only Text

  • Complete the Order Form (below the Ketubah on the individual Ketubah Page), and select the English-Only Option
  • Email (< team@tinak.org >) with your text
  • We’ll confirm we’ve received it!

Can You Translate My Unique Text To Hebrew?
Lots of couples have written their own Ketubah Text, and love to idea of having it in Hebrew as well. Here’s our tips!

  • If you choose Hebrew & English original text on the Ketubah Order Form (on any particular Ketubah page), we’ll use our professional Hebrew translators (and friends!) to do a beautiful, trusty translation.
  • Do you have family, friends, or a Rabbi who speaks Hebrew?? We’d be more than happy to use their Translation — you’re not obligated to use our translators in any way. Try asking your officiant, they might be be able to help you out!
  • You can submit your own Hebrew translation by email or Google Documents. Easy!
  • Please be confidant when you pass us the translated Hebrew! Making changes can delay your order

Can you include a language that isn’t Hebrew or English on my Ketubah?

  • Yes! We’d be happy to look and find a translator of that language — in the past couples have asked for Spanish, Polish, and Chinese!
  • Or, if you know someone someone who speaks it and already have the translation, you can pass it our way via email or Google Documents!
  • Be sure to choose the original text option on the Order Form (click there from the page for any particular Ketubah), so we know to expect it!


Commissioned Ketubah: Prices & Options!

If you’re looking for something extra special to commemorate your wedding day and commitment to your fiancé(e), a Commissioned Ketubah is the best way to work with Team Ketubah on a design truly stunning, and 100% inspired by you! We believe that every couple should include the most meaningful and personal elements on their relationship, and our dedicated artists are here to help! The below prices are all for weddings that are more than 3 months away.

Full Commissioned Ketubah — $1,095
Our traditional Full Commissioned Ketubah pairs you with our Lead Artist Yael to create a unique design absolutely perfect for your wedding day. Relying on intense brainstorming and personal interviews, we work with you over several weeks to design a Ketubah and text inspired by your passions, tastes, and dedication to each other. Our 100% state of the art digital suite means we change any part of the design, as we work together! Past Commissioned Ketubah designs have included:

  • 1960’s Music Festival Poster-inspired Ketubah
  • Two-part Diptych and Triptych Designs
  • Jerusalem Cafe & Western Wall scene
  • Miami Color and Vibe inspired design
  • Unicorn and Dragon fantasy Ketubah. Really!
  • Perfect Size! We’ve printed Commissioned Ketubot as small as 16x24in, and as long as 5 feet (ask us about it– larger sizes may be more expensive!)

Read about our full process by clicking here, or apply for an interview or just just say hi!

Re-Usable Commissioned Ketubah — $675
The same thing as the fully commissioned Ketubah–but with one difference. The same incredible artist relationship as with our Full Commissioned Ketubah couples, but with the important caveat: once your wedding is over, we reserve the right to re-use your Ketubah design in our Gallery. Because we will re-use your Ketubah, it can not include a portrait nor other details that would be personal for you two, like a photo of your dog.

Gallery Ketubot: Custom Changes — $375+
Love a Ketubah from Our Gallery but want to add a special touch? We can change the artwork to better represent you and your loved one, from color changes to new design elements or symbols. Read more about custom Ketubah design tweaks.

Note: if you need the Ketubah in under 3 months, there might be a rush fee, depending on how busy we are.

Team Ketubah is excited to learn how we can work together to bring your Commissioned or Custom Ketubah to life!! Drop us a note (< team@tinak.org >), or Give us a call (< 347-627-0022 >) — we’d love to chat! Or if you want to set up an interview, request a commissioned ketubah interview here and lets get started!


What If Someone Doesn’t Have a Hebrew Name?

Many couples love the look and tradition of both Hebrew and English on their Ketubah, and Team Ketubah is excited to create something you’ll love forever. We’ve worked with all sorts of couples, and here’s some advice you might find useful!

What if the Bride, Groom, or someone in our family doesn’t have a Hebrew name, or doesn’t know what it is?
No Problem! Here a few things Team Ketubah can do:

  • Phonetically Translate your English Names to Hebrew (recommended)
  • You and your fiance choose “Best Fit” Hebrew names
  • Omit the unknown from the Hebrew portion of the Ketubah

Of course, they’ll be space to indicate these options on our Ketubah Information Form, and we always send a Pre-Proof Print, so we can make any changes before you give us the “Green Light”.


Ketubah Text Question: Rites vs. Rights

As you read through our Text Options, couples sometimes have questions — and we’re here to help!

Rites vs. Rights

Several of our Ketubah texts mention “…rites of marriage,” which refers to the actual marriage ceremony itself. Meanwhile, rights refers to the legal entitlement after the ceremony.

For a little help, we checked in with our favorite dictionary (Merriam Webster!) for a little help:

  • Rites:a prescribed form or manner governing the words or actions for a ceremony
  • Rights: the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled

So, our texts refer to “Rites” as the ceremony itself, but could speak to the “Rights” after marriage just as well! Currently the default refers to the ceremony itself. If you’d like them changed, just ask!


Framing your Ketubah — A Few Tips!

Thinking about the perfect frame for your Ketubah, but aren’t sure where to go? We totally understand! There are lots of choices out there, so here are some tips and recommendations of great framing shops with a reputation for incredible service, and beautiful frames (even for custom sizes, for our longer Ketubot!)

A Few Framing Tips…

  • Should we use a certain frame?
    Nope! With so many modern choices, we couldn’t pick one — It’s up to you!
  • Head to your local framing store.
    They know lots about framing, and can help you find something unique to fit the print perfectly!
  • Hold off on the frame until after the wedding.

    Things wil be hectic on wedding day, and you could bend your print by taking it in and out of the frame in all the excitement!

  • Leave plenty of time after you sign before framing the Ketubah
    The ink from your Ketubah Pen could stain the glass if it touches while still wet!
  • Head online for a great Frame selection!
    Sites like PictureFrames.com and Soho Framing are a great start to your search!


Ketubah Color Changes & Design Tweaks!

Like a Ketubah design, but have a change that will make you absolutely LOVE it? Team Ketubah is all about working with our couples to create something you’ll absolutely love! Read on to learn more about how Team Ketubah can work with you to make your dream Ketubah come to life!

Ketubah Color Changes
Team Ketubah can make the Ketubah color palette of any of our Ketubot match your wedding! In the past, we’ve worked with couples on these changes, so the Ketubah is absolutely perfect! For example, here are some Color Changes we’ve recently made to the Bright Kiss Ketubah:

  • Changing Bride & Groom’s Hair
  • Purple instead of Red Flowers
  • Personal background panels in place of “LOVE”

Or, thinking of change the design itself?

Ketubah Design Tweaks
We’ll work with you to change the actual design of the Ketubah, for a more commissioned feel to the Ketubah! Design Tweaks we’ve recently made include:

  • Adding more hearts throughout a design
  • Changing the shape of the Bride’s dress
  • Altering the style of the Tree design

Contact us about these types of changes — we’d love to chat!


Languages on Smaller Ketubot?

Ready to make your Ketubah order? Have a favorite frame in mind, or looking for the elegance of a 12×18 in print? Trying to decide which languages you want to include on your Ketubah? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Languages on 12x18in Ketubah Prints

If you’re thinking of the 12x18in Ketubah Print size, here’s a note on language choices! Although our dedicated Artists do their best to make the text as large as possible in all our Ketubot, the 12x18in (or 12x24in long-form Ketubot) really only leaves enough room to comfortably include ONE language, English or Hebrew. Otherwise, the text will be printed about as small as the print in your average novel — which is too small for some couples. Especially those who choose the un-personalized text option, who need a Rabbi with very tiny hand-writing to fill in all of their information!

If you’re determined to order the 12x18in Ketubah print size, we recommend:

  • Getting the Hebrew and English Text personalized
  • Choosing only one language
  • Selecting the 16x24in print size

Of course, we’re more than happy to create the Ketubah with two languages in the smaller print size, but we wanted to let you know about the text!

Talk to your Officiant or Rabbi

Some Rabbis or Officinats will prefer that your Ketubah include both Hebrew and English out of tradition. We’re happy to include both languages, and our dedicated Artists will personalize the Ketubah by filling it in the information you provide us, or leave the the spaces blank.

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